Reach a passionate health and fitness audience

Sponsorship Opportunities

Fighting for attention of health and fitness audience is harder and harder in a sea of noise…

…but now you can reach a targeted audience of health and fitness enthusiasts.

We’re open to a variety of sponsorship opportunities as long as it meets our guidelines and is relevant to our audience.

Why sponsor with Filates by Fiona?

Our audience and clients are important to us, so we’re very stringent about what we share with them. We make sure sponsors are relevant and of use to our audience. 

We have limited sponsorship slots at any one time so as not to overwhelm our audience.

Corporate Pilates & Health Training

Sponsorship Opportunities

There are various sponsorship opportunities available, some examples (but not limited to) are:

  • Sponsor special events or classes
  • Sponsor relevant products to be distributed to our students
  • check Sponsor a social media post
  • Have other ideas or suggestions? Let us know.

Get in touch about sponsorship opportunities

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