Want to have Filate's with you at anytime to help you release tension and tightness wherever you are? Then you'll want Filates On-the-Go.

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What is Filates On-the-Go?

Filates On-the-Go is for anyone who experiences tension and tightness due to today's modern lifestyle.

Whether you work and sit at a desk/computer all day, use your mobile phone a lot, feel low energy, tightness in your back, shoulders, legs and neck - this is for you.

Great for people who travel or can't make it to any of our live classes, Filates On-the-Go shows you how to get rid of tension and tightness from the stresses of your daily life.

What People Say

Ex-US Marine

Thank you for the instruction today. I have been using that ball like crazy and it’s been making me pop like jiffy-pop! I’m very appreciative it’s been a long time since I’ve been able to alleviate my pain! ????

Ex-US Marine, 32 yrs old male

Male, Thai Boxing enthusiast

Thanks for the class last night. I feel really good this morning and have already started implementing the breathing techniques you showed me.

I will set up a routine to do the standing stretches and mat exercises when I get home at night as well.


Finance professional & mother

Thx for today...I can feel my abs worked hard n my back relaxed...I really like how u look after each person separately n cater for their needs.

I think this is wats lacking in a lot of classes.

Annie L.

Classpass member

Fiona is passionate about Pilates and how it’s affected her health and fitness. The beauty about Filates (Pilates) is that it is suitable for people of all ages and all levels and is meant to be non-intimidating. Her goals are to help you have more control, balance and strength.

Classpass member

Back class attendee

Tailor made movements to cater for individual needs, especially helpful for new starters.

Back class attendee

Gentle class attendee

Personalised and targeted on correcting long term tightness and posture problems, Fiona knows what she’s doing!

Gentle class attendee

Back class attendee

Stretching at a gentle pace

Back class attendee

Classical Pilates attendee

A highly personalised lesson focused on helping individual students with specific problems.

Classical Pilates attendee
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