Are your staff at risk of sitting at a desk and computer for long hours?

Introducing: Corporate Pilates, Health & Wellness Program

In today’s technology-driven environment, we are at risk of suffering even MORE physical ailments than before…

…with today’s work hard, play hard culture and the long hours you spend in front a computer, laptop, mobile device, you’re more at risk of suffering from problems such as:

  • Forward-leaning neck
  • Bad posture
  • Stiff neck
  • Stiff upper-back muscles
  • Pain in lower-back
  • Hyper-extended muscles
  • Tight hip-flexors from sitting too much
  • Much, much, more
Lower-back pain from sitting too much

The Filates by Fiona Difference

What makes Filates training different from other types of health training?

  • Programmes are tailored to your company staff needs. You may also see what our open classes are like as a starting guide.
  • I specifically tailor programmes so they may be done at your desks/cubicles
  • No need for special / large equipment or gyms
  • Training sessions may be done at your company premises or external locations of your choosing
  • Sessions may be scheduled so it doesn’t interfere with normal working hours (early mornings, lunch times, afternoons, evenings)

Benefits to your company and staff

Corporate Pilates & Health Training
  • Overall better health of your staff, meaning happier staff
  • Your people feel better
  • Better sleep
  • Less absences from work due to illness or poor of sleep
  • Less injuries and physical ailments due to long working hours in front of computers, laptops and mobile devices
  • You learn how to “self-heal” yourself from common ailments like stiff neck, hunched shoulders, stiff upper-back, sore lower back, etc

Schedule a Session

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